Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Promises and Chiropractic Hijinks!


It's true, I've been gone for a while. And, no. I don't have any really good reasons aside from an overwhelming sense of inadequacy as a writer and a general sense of "meh"ness that settled over me for a couple of months.

I needed some time to think. I needed some time to just be a person and figure out what I want and need. The good news is, I think I'm pretty damn close.

So, on to 2009! The year of purity in all its forms (because I have deemed it so!). I've always had this picture of the life I want to lead someday, a peaceful life, a pure life. And just this year it finally occurred to me: DUH! I could live that life now if I gave two shits about it!

So I am. Done and done.

In other news, I survived the holidays with limited social despair (which inevitably sets in after the umpteenth Christmas get-together), and have resolved to move forward with self-improvement and all the horrifying, awful things that may require me to do.

List of horrifying, awful things I am doing:

1. Working out. Blech. Hate it. BUT! I am starting to get into the whole endorphins thing - I can sense a true addiction forming. Hoo-rah.

2. Eating healthy stuff. BO-RING. BUT! I am also starting to embrace this as a good thing. Healthy food is good... for me. And good. (for me).

3. Going to the Chiropractor. (Cue gut-wrenching screams and that crazy eyed prairie dog).

Ok, so the last one probably doesn't seem that horrible, but trust me. It is. You have never known terror until you've seen my reaction to my sister trying to pop my back, OR WORSE, my toes. I HATE IT. I start laughing uncontrollably - but not it a good way, more in the I'm being forced to do some that I find completely repellent and I have a totally improper reaction that masks my complete and utter revulsion and terror.

Oh yeah, it's that kind of laughter.

But, I went. Because apparently my back is similar to that of a 60+ year old person (sciatica and all) and I'm only 27. In fact, my x-rays show that I have two lovely curves in my spine and a seriously disconcerting neck angle that defies explanation (kind of like that guy who lived with a broken neck for like, 60 years). With all this in mind I said to the Doctor, "OK. Let's go for it. When should I come in for my first adjustment?"

As a side note: When I'm really really scared of something, I need some time to mentally prep for it. That's why I don't mind rollercoasters with long lines... they scare me, I need some time, the lines are perfect.

"Oh, no need for a separate appointment!" He says, "Let's just do it right now."

Like it's nothing! WHAT!?

I will say that I tried to handle it better than I did. I did try not to immediately break into a strange, and probably completely off-putting, display of crazy clown laughter mixed with shaking sobs (plus real tears!), but I kind of failed. A lot.

He was a real professional, though. He talked me through it all, and barely paid attention to the copious under-arm sweating and PSYCHOTIC emotional reaction. I only felt like 99% idiot, which was better than the alternative. He got me into the adjustment positions and worked his spine-cracking magic, and...

I loved it. Seriously, in two minutes my back felt better than it had in ages. The neck cracking part was pretty awful (the SOUND, my GOD, THE SOUND!!!!), but all in all, I'd do it again.

And, I am. Tonight.

2009 is going to be a great year - with more posting, I promise!