Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back in Action!

Hello dear readers!

Welp, I'm back from the ole vacation and am finally caught up enough with work, life, and all that junk to remind you all of my existence.

Aren't you glad? :)

The vacation was a lot of fun aside from a serious case of car-sickness that occurred just as we were about to view one of the most gorgeous national parks I've ever seen. (Good timing is not my forte). But, all the nausea aside, it was a wonderful time. I gambled a bit in Vegas and even won a bit of money on the video poker machines at Paris - which was a cool feeling.

Husband and I were both very ready to get home and see our boys, so waiting for our 5:00 PM flight home from Vegas on Friday was torture, but it was definitely all worth it for the fun that was had. I'll try to post some pictures when I have them handy.

In other news: I saw this today and just can't help but share it with all of you... personally, I laughed my ass off because I swear that the content of this video is ALL I can remember from Little House on the Prairie. Seriously.

And for any Aussie friends who may be reading who seem to NEVER be able to see my videos, this one's on under the title "The 30 Second Little House: I'll be Waving as You Drive Away."

Love it.


midwest princess said...

glad you're back in action! i want pics of the vacay! :) see you verrrry soon!

Kelley said...

you know what sucks? I can see this but every freaking time I want to watch it Boo walks in the room. Bastard. I swear I have refreshed this page like 12 times in the last couple of days... sigh... will try again later.

Can't wait for the picks. I am totally jealous of your trip.