Monday, November 12, 2007

Five Really Good Things...

Chani, over at Thailand Gal recommended this simple exercise, and I think it's a great way to focus in on the good things in life (because they are everywhere)...

So, here it goes!


1. A quiet snowfall watched from a warm place.
2. A cold, buttery glass of chardonnay.
3. My husband's hands and the way they feel in mine.
4. My little dog, Logan, falling asleep on my chest.
5. Those last few conscious moments before you fall asleep where the world is dulled around the edges and your whole body feels heavy with relaxation.

Your turn! :)


Jozet at Halushki said...

Your list is thoroughly heart warming!

Kelley said...

A wall not covered in shit.
The sound of my son snoring.
A huge cup filled to the brim with gooooood coffee.
A half off shoe sale and money in my purse.
A spontaneous hug.

Maddy said...

Five! Now that's a bit of a challenge, I only usually go up to three and that's on a good day. If we're supposed to link then you may be out of lucky as I'm a bit technically challenged, otherwise.....
1. fresh cranberry sauce with grated orange [sorry nearly Thanksgiving]
2. newly mown grass assuming I didn't have to mow it myself
3. the smell of ironing [reminds me of my mum as I'm allergic to ironing myself]
4. freshly baked bread just before it comes out of the oven and has filled the whole house with wafts of yeast [especially if I'm warming it up from the supermarket rather than having to make my own because I'm a bit lazy like that.]
5. WD40 because that means nothing will squeak and be annoying.
I've just realized that those are all smells! I must be hungry or something [but not for the WD40, just for the peaceful break of a snack.]