Sunday, November 11, 2007

Party Like it's Your Housewarming!

Friday night Husband and I invited over a few of our dearest and nearest to see our new house and to shower us with their compliments and praise... well, truly, we just wanted them all to come over and check out our new pad - the compliments and praise were just an awesome side effect. :)

A little back story on our situation: Husband and I got married on October 20th and we had moved into our new house on October 12th.... yeah, we planned that one really well.... We had one weekend of hard work to really try to somewhat settle in before all our attention had to be sucked over to the "big day," so when we came home the Sunday after our wedding, our honeymoon week turned into a "let's see how much crapola we can accomplish in 7 days before we go back to work" week. Not that I'm complaining, I mean, a brand new house to move into right before you become husband and wife is a HUGE thumbs-up, but it was so much more work than we had ever imagined.

Neither of us had lived anywhere aside rental apartments in Chicago since going to school and leaving home, so the idea of a new place that we actually OWNED was a major point of excitement for us. But, we honestly never once thought about how little we actually had to put inside of it, and how many windows were going to require curtains, or even how many times you can climb up and down a three-floor townhouse without collapsing. But, after four weeks of hard work and endless trips to Home Depot and Target (to which I will someday write an Ode - because I heart Target BIG TIME) the place looks pretty damn good.

So, invite our friends over we did. And it was a total blast. Two girlfriends of mine had been having less than stellar weeks so far, so I had the great honor of allowing them to get shit-faced.... one of my favorite things. And my brother-in-law was in such a jolly mood that he admitted the next morning that, at one point, our house had turned into the fun house from Hell where every door is like a new opportunity to get lost... I believe he slept on the bathroom floor for a good portion of the night before finally finding his way through the tilting hallways to the guestroom.

All drunkenness aside, Husband and I felt truly blessed that so many of our friends were able to make the journey out to our burb to celebrate with us. You can really tell who your friends are when you move from the city to the suburbs... the good ones will come out to visit. :)

And, visit they did! I'm still cleaning up little bits and pieces of the evening, and spent the good part of yesterday lounging (and watching re-runs of the Biggest Loser on Bravo) in an attempt to curb my hangover, but in spite of the aftermath, I am left with an overwhelming sense of goodwill towards my friends, and in turn, goodwill towards all man! It is one of life's little gifts to see your accomplishments through the eyes of the people you care about, and Husband and I were blessed to have that gift on Friday.

So, cheers to you, my friends! Let's all raise our beers (What? Am I the only one having a Sunday morning cocktail?!) and toast to new marriage, Friday night parties, and all the free chardonnay you can drink! Salut!


midwest princess said...

shit-faced indeed...i was a wreck! i did have a nice heart-to-heart with lyndsay, so that was special. i'm already excited for the next visit! xoxoxoxo