Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Road Warrior!

My job requires me to travel. Not too much, just about once a month or so (overall). Most people complain and bellyache about having to travel, but I really don't think it's all that bad.

For example, right now I am sitting in a rather nice hotel room, drinking a glass of wine (which my lovely employer will pay for) and watching trashy TV. It's fabulous! :)

However, I do miss Husband. Very much. You see, we not only married each other and share a home, but we share a place of business as well. That's right, my husband and I work together.

I had a strange moment today when I was riding in a taxi to the airport. I actually lucked out and got a driver who takes personal fares and will get out of bed to pick you up at a bar if you need him to. I was shocked, but very glad to find a reliable cabbie who Husband and I can call on when we need early morning pick-ups for travel. But, the moment arrived in the cab (since it was an hour-long ride) when the driver asked me about my job and then asked about what Husband does for a living. Well, I explained that we worked together and he shot me this look of disbelief and immediately sputtered, "Well, how in GOD's name does THAT work!?"

What!? It works because it works. It works because we've never known any different and have always worked together. It works because I find him absolutely irresistable (even when he's pissy at work - which inevitably happens to everyone).

I tried explaining it to the driver, and he just shrugged. Where it got a little unnerving was when he said, "Well, just don't screw it up by getting too casual with each other."

Hmmm, point taken, I guess. I mean, he's right, when you cross the threshold of marriage and lose that spark and the flirtation dies off, things start to get mundane. But, we still have that! We do! Very much so. We flirt at the office, just not in front of everyone. We have our little moments in his office, and I am always running back there to give him little smooches or tell him I love him. But, there is a lot of professionalism that has to be applied to an office setting. We're not super serious as an office in general, but we certainly don't smack each others' asses in front of the whole gang or anything like that....

Ah, but when we first got together there was TONS of dangerous flirting. TONS. We never got caught, but I'm sure we came close. And maybe our co-workers did notice and just never said anything. Who knows, and who really cares! We're married now, for crying out loud.

Anyway, the whole point is that the (very nice) cabbie, made me suddenly second-guess myself - not to any avail, but he did. It made me wonder if too much time together is a bad thing...

But, then I looked inside my heart and remembered that Husband still makes my kness buckle. And he still sets my stomach to butterfly mode. And I still look at him (even at work) as the only man in the world who will ever get under my collar the way he has. :) So, maybe it isn't a bad thing for two people in love to spend the whole of their days together. I say, down with the doubters! If I find joy and love and companionship from my husband all day long, then all it makes me is lucky.

But, I do have to admit that the peace and quiet of this nice little hotel is a welcome bit of alone-time. Pre-marriage (and pre-relationship really) I was a creature of loneliness, so these little trips are almost a recall of days past, a vacation back in time, if you will.

Ah, but I still miss him. Even in spite of all the lovely linens and wine and reality TV. At the end of the day, I'd still rather be wrapped in his arms sipping my wine and watching my Top Model at home. With Husband.