Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Check it!

The blog's got a new attitude, eh? I'm INFINITELY pleased with myself right now, so I'm not even going to ask for anyone's opinion. If you hate it, shut up about it! If you love it, feel free to sing my praises. :)

And here's a funny clip to brighten up yet another ENDLESS Wednesday. Hump day, Schump day!


flutter said...

how have I not known about this blog before?!

Sensitiva McFeelingsly said...

Flutter: Awwwww, that just made my day! Thank you for stopping by!!

Day Dreamer said...

I think it's AWESOME.

Would you like those praises in A or B flat?

LOL....Happy Weekend!

Kelley said...

You know I loves me some green girl.

Looks wonderful, but I don't see a clip! Waaaaaa! You promised me a clip and I can't see it.

I need to sulk now. And drink wine. Cause I need an excuse.

Sensitiva McFeelingsly said...

Day Dreamer: I do enjoy some praises in the key of A... :)

Kelley: Too bad about the clip. I can see it, so that's really as far as my troubleshooting abilities go... to tell you the truth, I have NO CLUE what I'm doing on here most of the time... so when things work out, it's truly a miracle. The clip was from the Birdcage, btw, so you've probably already seen it. And, if not, see it immediately - but obviously not on my site.