Thursday, April 17, 2008

Texas, Here I Come!

Watch out Dallas, TX!

I will be prowling your streets by this time tomorrow, and I know how to prowl... believe me.

Anybody know anything good to do in Dallas besides eating? I've been trying to find an activity to keep Husband and I occupied whilst we wait for our friend's rehearsal dinner to begin. We are slackers (it's true) so by the time we booked our flight all the good ones were gone, and we ended up on a 7 AM flight. Ouch. That means a 4 AM wake-up call and a 10:40 AM arrival in Dallas, so we have, oh, about 8.5 hours to kill before the dinner is underway.

I looked up tickets to go to Six Flags down there, but we really don't have enough time to spend 2 hours waiting for a rollercoaster that will probably end up sucking to then wait two more hours for a second potentially sucky coaster... it would hardly be worth our $60.

Then I thought, Hey! We could go to a museum or something. And I found this one:

Yep. It's the Cockroach Hall of Fame! Which, in spite of what you may immediately think, I think sounds AWESOME! However, it's in Plano, TX - which doesn't sound awesome. So, I kept looking and I found something called the:


Which, HOLY HELL, sounds rad! It should also sound extremely fitting for those of you who have the pleasure of knowing Husband - because he's TOTALLY into that stuff. But (and it is with a heavy heart I inform you of this) The Conspiracy Museum has been closed. Bummer.

So, I'm kind of stuck! No cockroaches, no conspiracies. What are a couple of kids supposed to do!? Yeah, yeah, yeah they do have other museums of the more average variety, and there's an aquarium that we might check out, but we're from Chicago! We've got all that stuff right here! I want to do something that is quintessentially Dallas-ish.

I guess for the time being we will just plan on walking around and looking at stuff. Fun. But the wedding that we are going there to attend should be tons of fun, so it will more than make up for a couple of hours of blah.

Hopefully I'll have some interesting stories to share on Monday when we return from our mini-vacation to the warmer climates of Texas. At the very least I'll have a rockin' wedding recap and an airline tale or two (because something's always happening at the airport).

Here's wishing you all a great weekend. I'll catch you on the flipside!


midwest princess said...

sounds fun! whose wedding?

can't say i've ever been to dallas (or texas for that matter) or know anything to do there....but if you ever take a trip to Wisconsin, I know EVERYTHING about this state...

have a good trip!

Day Dreamer said...

Holy Crudballs, Batman! I was JUST in Dallas last weekend. As in, we drove home yesterday! We didn't know we were going until Friday, tho.

Hope the wedding and trip went well!!

(I was stuck with excitement there!!!And the only other thing I know to do there is go to the Galleria or other huge shopping they have there..)

Sensitiva McFeelingsly said...

MP: It was our friend, and co-worker, Bill's wedding. And it was really lovely. Trust me, if I ever head up to WI for pleasure I will be getting advice on the best Super 8 and all the fun things to do from only you!

DD: That's crazy! I was just reading on that Jessica Simpson was also in Dallas this weekend - it seems that all the fine ladies were there at once! :)