Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update

Happy Monday, suckas!

I am in an unfathomably good mood today, which is totally bizarre considering that when I woke up this morning I considered breaking my own arm to avoid having to come into work. Ok, I wouldn't really break my own arm because that would involve having some crazy-ass level of determination that I do not possess. Quite honestly, if the zombie plague ever comes, I will be one of the first to die - and most likely it will be because I will just stand still and scream until I'm eaten - just to get it over with, you know?

Anyway, I'm glad to be alive and not plagued by zombies or anything of that sort. This weekend was rad for many reasons too, so that is another contributor to my zest for being zesty.

Husband is awesome and he painted our bedroom and bathroom this weekend. It's blue, and I L-O-V-E it. I promise I will try to post a picture of it so you can all be inspired by his painting talents. So, I was a happy homemaker and I went to Target (pronounced tar-jay (say it like you're French but avoid becoming conceited over your worldliness, please)) and had a grand ole time picking out a couple of new accoutrements (also pronounced like a fancy frenchie) for our boudoir (God, I am ROCKING the french today) - well actually, most of the time I was restraining myself from purchasing EVERY knick-knack in the damn place because everything is completely adorable (God! I love Target). I mean, there were at least 10 bowls and/or glass thingees that I HAD TO HAVE. Of course, I forced myself to pick just two... so I did. But then, I found this:




This is the best thing I have ever SEEN! So, I quickly threw one of my selected items back on the shelf and lovingly carried this completely useless fish-shaped vase straight to the checkout line. I'm freaking nuts about it.

But, I also have no freaking clue what I'm going to do with the thing. I don't care though. It's cool and it's mine and I'm thrilled. Hoot!

God, I'm shallow.


flutter said...

that vase needs a gerbera daisy. I deem it.

midwest princess said...

oooh i love the vase. and i want to see the blue bedroom. next time we want to paint something i'm enticing your hubby to do it for us...he's an awesome painter.

and i'm SO glad to hear you love muffins! as much as i do. my favorite is FIRE!

miss you lots...i'm starting to feel a little crazy living in super 8s in the 'scons, i want my chicago life back! soon enuf....

Sensitiva McFeelingsly said...

Flutter: I'm with you on the gerber daisies, except I do worry that it may look a little like the fish is puking up flowers... I also thought about using it as an ice bucket during parties. You know, just get your ice out of the fish's belly.

MP: FIRE! :) I hope I get to see you soon. I can't even imagine how sick you must be of the 8's by now... when you get back we need to do something incredibly posh like dress up in formals and drink martinis out of incredibly delicate glasses. I miss you!!

Kelley said...

I am freaked out by the fish to be honest. That is some freaky arsed thing you got there.

And I will be standing next to you when the zombies come. I could never play chasey as a child cause it would freak me the shit out!