Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Frivolity is FUN!

I stopped by one of my favorite blogs this morning (Blogs Are Stupid) to see what the word was for the day and joyfully found that she had spent some time unwinding and sharing with her readers a list of her top 10 favorite frivolous things!

(Squeal of DELIGHT!)

I had read a similar post of hers before where she had shared some of her most loved beauty products and actually tried some of them for myself (with much success - in my estimation at least). So, I was thrilled to get yet another snapshot of her toiletries cabinet along with a few other wonderful things that just make her feel rad. So (you guessed it) I decided I would share with you 10 things in my life that, well damnit, they may be unnecessary but they just make me feel good!


1. Hair: Frederic Fekkai Glossing Creme (AKA miracle stuff that smells awesome):

Sigh. This little bottle of olive oil concoction is the most wonderful tool for a gal with combination frizzy/curly/straight hair, like me. It transforms even the driest mess into a supple wave of movie star hair. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but not much, I swear! This is one of the suggestions I took from The Blog Antagonist's first post on the subject and I was beyond thrilled with the result. Sure, it's $19.50 for 7 ounces (yikes, I know) but I've had my bottle since Christmas and have barely used any (a little goes a LONG way with this stuff). One word of warning for my friends with thin or oily hair: This stuff will weigh you down a bit, so if you try it, take 'er easy.

2. Novel: Anything by Philippa Gregory

The Queen's Fool was the first of her books that I had the pleasure of reading, but she is most well known for The Other Boleyn Girl which was just made into a movie starring Natalie Portman and Scarlet Johansson. Her books are sweeping, big-time stories of lust, corruption and deceit in the world of old England. And for me, they are like crack. I love 'em. Kings and Queens and secret affairs all based in historically accurate landscapes. I actually have learned quite a bit about England's nobility from her stories without really realizing it, which is a pleasant bonus to an already pleasant situation. When it comes to books that have lots of sex, excitement and intrigue, Phillipa Gregory's are the best! Word of warning: If you decide to venture forth into the land of Phillipa Gregory and you happen to pick up Wideacre beware. It is the first book of a three novel series and it is not for the faint of heart. There's LOADS of people doing it, but it's not always pleasant to read... just a heads up.

3. DVD: The Golden Girls:

Now THIS is a TV show. Nevermind all the imitations out there (Sex and the City, I'm talking to YOU) these gals have it all! Four empowered older women sharing a house in Miami during the late eighties: PRICELESS. I crack up continuously - not even joking, I laugh until I cry almost every single time. Now, it could just be me, but every time I hear the theme song, I just feel glad. I feel happy to be just where I am at that very moment. Husband makes fun of me because I can seriously watch like, 6 hours straight of this show and not be bored. And, I can watch the whole series from front to back and start right over again at the beginning - I never get tired of it. I think part of my adoration for this show comes from memories of my Granny letting me watch it with her on Saturday nights when I'd sleep over (all of the jokes went sailing directly over my head, of course). She also claimed to be a dead ringer for Betty White - and regardless of whether or not it's true (which it's not) seeing Betty White never fails to make me smile. If it's been awhile since you checked them out, I highly recommend giving The Golden Girls another shot.

4. DVD: The Birdcage

Talk about pick-me-ups! This movie is totally 100% hilarious. I still cannot see Hank Azaria without thinking of him as Agador, the faithful houseman. And, come on! A movie with dialogue like this is just too incredibly funny to be ignored:

Albert: Don't give me that tone!

Armand: What tone?

Albert: That sarcastic contemptuous tone that means you know everything because you're a man, and I know nothing because I'm a woman.

Armand: You're not a woman.

Albert: Oh, you bastard!


5. Make-Up: Cover Girl Lashblast Mascara:

I L-O-V-E this mascara. I've tried a lot of brands and have never had better results. This stuff makes my little poky lashes and makes them look long and flirty. Me Likee.

6. Perfume: Covet by, Sarah Jessica Parker describes this favorite perfume of mine to be, "...a seductive blend of chocolate, magnolia and amber musks. And I love it. It's bright yet sexy and is perfect for wearing just about anywhere. It's definitely among my more casual everyday perfumes, but I seem to be using it with a dizzying frequency. It's delicious.

7. Blanket: Simply Shabby Chic Cozy Blanket

I have this blanket in the color Angel Food (which is fancy talk for white) and it is hands-down, by far the softest most cuddly blanket I have ever owned. It is actually so warm that Husband and I took it off of our bed because it is enough warmth all by itself and needs no assistance from our sheets or comforter. So, it has happily become my napping blanket. Honestly, I love naps. On weekends, if I have the good fortune to have some free time, I love going into my bedroom and snuggling up on top of our regular covers with this blanket. It is the snuggliest of the snuggly, and I could not possibly be more pleased with myself for registering for it. It's a keeper, and if you're in the market for a new blanket, these are sold at Target or just click here - trust me, it is well worth the money. :)

8. Lotion: Ginger Souffle from Origins

The smell of ginger is by far one of the warmest and most relaxing scents to me. So, it stands to reason that this indulgent body souffle is very high on top of my list of frivolous loves. It is creamy and delicious smelling and it makes your skin feel great. I use this one when I get the chance to have a long evening shower that is followed only by relaxing. Pair this with a glass of wine and I'm one hell of a happy camper. And speaking of wine...

9. Wine: La Crema Chardonnay

Chardonnay fans, hold onto your hats. This is a delicious wine with a buttery, creamy finish and a bouquet to blow your mind. Husband regularly picks up this brand for me (even though it's more expensive than what I normally buy) because he's the raddest of the rad and he knows how much I love it. If you're a wine fan, I suggest you pick this one up. I know nothing about wine other then what I like, so if you want other suggestions for its pairing or descriptions of its flavor, check this out. Otherwise, enjoy (responsibly)!

10. Lip Balm/Gloss: Smith's Rosebud Salve (no pic because blogger blows)

I first tried this when I read in a fashion magazine that supermodels use it - yeah, yeah I'm a sucker. If they jumped off a bridge I'd probably do that too - and was very relieved when I found it to be THE BEST lip balm/gloss I have ever used. It is an excellent moisturizer AND it is slick and shiny without being goopy (aka sticky). I also recently discovered that they make a mint version of this as well which is my new obsession. Love it. Love it.

Well, there you have it! Hopefully from a few of my favorite indulgences you can find one that makes you happy too! :)


Blog Antagonist said...

I enjoyed reading that. First...did I not tell you FF is the awesomest thing EVER?? I'm so glad you liked it, or I would have felt bad for recommending it, especially since it's so expensive. We have so many picks in common!

midwest princess said...

i love posts like this! i love all your frivolous stuff! i may just have to get me one of those blankets, it sounds amazing. as does the wine.

hope you're having a good week!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I want that blanket. And the wine.

Also some cheesecake if you have it.

Day Dreamer said... I've got soooo many more choices!!! Between you and Blog Antagonist, I'm SET!!!

And the FF??? It's on the list for now-er not later!!

Nice post!!

Anonymous said...

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