Friday, March 14, 2008

Rock Your Socks!

Hello kids!

I'm feeling a bit punchy today to tell you the truth, so I have decided to ramble a bit about this week and also hopefully turn you all on to a few of my favorite internet pick-me-ups!

This week was long. And there was a lot of work involved which TOTALLY sucked big time. Seriously, I have been running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done. It's nuts.

Another thing that sucked: I had to go to St. Louis. Nothing against St. Louis, but it's boring. Sorry, it's true. AND when I went to get my rental car at Hertz (stupid pissmongers) they denied my credit card because they were trying to authorize a $500 balance for a $175 rental. WHAT!? I was apalled. And THEN when I tried to switch my reservation to just one day so I could get to my appointments for at least half my trip they said they could not swipe my card again because they had already tried it.

I thought I might sponatneously combust and/or sprout daggers out of my skull.

It was a good thing that Husband was also in town for the meetings (although he was wiser and reserved his car at Budget). He had to come to Hertz in person (because they couldn't take his number over the phone) and get the car for me. Even though I felt like an irresponsible five-year-old being bailed out by my Dad, I was grateful. Sigh. Sometimes I just can't win.

But, I'm home. And work is nuts. And so, since today is Friday and it is past lunchtime (which means I no longer care about work) I am going to delight and tantalize you, yes YOU, dear reader with a few of my favorite


1. She ROCKS. Like, Sting back when he used to rock with the Police before he became all old and zen and Yanni-like. Give her blog traffic because Goshdarnit! she deserves it.

2. She also rocks. BIG TIME. If you like your women foul-mouthed, hilarious and wearing fabulous shoes, she's your gal. And she's Australian, so all you Americans can read a blog that makes you both laugh and feel superior for having an international "friend." It's sad, but she does make me feel more cultured. Stop laughing, it's hurting my feelers.

3. This picture of our dog, Logan, as a puppy (it was actually the picture posted by his breeder and it SOLD me on him) because he looks so adorably grumpy. I'll tell you what, nobody can frown like this little guy:

4. This video! Just because the world would be a better place if we all just took a little more time to like stuff and not hate on stuff:

So, there you have it. At least a couple days worth of fun. DEEE-LICIOUS!


midwest princess said...

love the new layout!

have fun in the fort! we will be missing you here! let's get together soon....

xoxoxoxoxox !!!!