Monday, March 24, 2008

Just about Peed my Pants!

So, I was watching an episode of "Dexter" last night off of my DVR (which is a SUPER rad show) and saw this movie trailer (as I forgot to fast-forward the commercials like I always do):

Slap me silly, that looks SCARY!

But, in all truth, I'm pretty much the sissiest of the sissified, so I'm not a great judge. I am, however, an excellent judge of creepy-sounding music, and they totally nailed it by including "Sprout and the Bean" by Joanna Newsom... she's got one of those childlike voices that either lends itself to artsy fartsy music (which I happen to enjoy) or to the end credits of "Poltergeist." In this case, it's poltergeist all the way, baby.


Elaine said...

that scared the crap out of me. the only thing that negated my fear was scott speedman...he's just way too Felicity to be in a horror flick.

but whoa, creepy.

i HATE horror movies!!

Kelley said...

Squeeeee! Dexter!

I couldn't watch the clip cause I am in with Boo trying desperately to get him to lay the for-goodness-sake down and go the for-goodness-sake to sleep.

But I will take your word for it ;)